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Are you tired of putting your signature offer on the back burner?

The demand is there! But you keep putting this off because you're comfortable doing quick custom jobs for fast money. 

You're also so busy working IN your business instead of ON your business that you have no time to create a solid signature offer which is resulting in you leaving so many coins on the table!

Today is the day you stop procrastinating and put a plan in place to serve your clients with an offer that you're proud of.



with Sherwanna


I'm excited to introduce to you my  3.5 Hour VIP Day option that provides you with a 3-Step execution strategy so you can leave our call with a completed offer and launch plan!

Here's What We'll Do Together: 

STEP 1: POTENTIAL CLIENT PRECISION - You may already have an idea of who your ideal client is but we will streamline your audience to ensure that you are targeting the "cream-of-the-crop" of your market to attract clients who actually value the transformation you provide.

STEP 2: PROVEN SIGNATURE OFFER & PRICE FOR PROFITS - You may already have many different offers, but only 1-2 that sells. You may also find yourself repeating the same processes over and over again. During this step we will pin down your Proven Signature Offer and determine what goes in your package to maximize value. We will also use my done-for-you pricing table to determine how to price your offer for profits after overhead.

Step 3: POSITIONING IN THE MARKETPLACE - What's an offer without knowing how to market it? During this step you'll learn how to market your offer over a 30-day period using my magnetic messaging formula.  We will specifically strategize you content, messaging, and sales strategy so you can know what to do when you begin to receive inquires. Get ready to see the "Yes" responses roll in!


Investment $1997



I am so grateful for Sherwanna and her VIP Day! I booked a session with her because I wanted to offer a more structured course but I had no idea where to start! In the past, I’d host a “class” where it included a general PowerPoint of information, but with the help of Sherwanna I now have a professional signature offer that is easy to navigate! She bought out ideas I had never thought of, as well as making the course layout so simple! She is very personable and will really take her time to work out the kinks with you! As a creative entrepreneur it’s easy to do things that I am comfortable with, but it’s also equally important to bring on others who can do what you cannot! This VIP Day has literally shifted my business model

Erica Parham, Creative Entrepreneur and Owner of Sugar & Grace Retail Store

Ready to Book Your Visionary VIP Day Experience?

- You already have an offer that you're not selling because you're not confident in your offer
-You've spent months maybe even years trying to put together your own signature offer
- You're a service provider, coach, or expert in your industry
- You want to finally build an offer "the right way" 
- You're tired of procrastinating on what you feel destined to do
- You're ready to take your income to the next level
- You're ready for a proven marketing strategy to attract your ideal client with ease

- It's not urgent for you to start serving people with your gift
- You prefer to do things on your own no matter how long it takes
- You don't know what you want to offer
- You can't to commit to 3.5 hours of intensive collaboration
- You're afraid to actively promote your new signature offer
- Your brand is fairly new and you have not yet started working with clients

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