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The Power Hour Strategy Session is an opportunity for you to get a 90-day action plan to help you achieve a specific goal or launch as it relates to your business. Note: This is not a pick-my-brain session (although you can ask questions) but I come prepared before the call with a customized strategy based on your specific business needs.


If you don’t know where to start or exactly what you want to do, Sherwanna can help you with a plan, but also help you with your mindset and overcoming your fears!

Before working with Sherwanna, I was struggling with not having a tangible and realistic plan. I knew what I wanted to do but not where to start. I also needed help walking through my fears and ways to overcome them. I needed a plan in place for when I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

Sherwanna did her homework and was prepared to discuss my personal plan and next steps in detail. I was happy to leave with a concrete plan with dates. My biggest "aha" moment was that while I focus on the big picture I needed to first find out if there was a need for my services in my market. Now I am thinking more outcome based and not just what is catchy or sounds good.

My final say is - Do it! If you don’t know where to start or exactly what you want to do, Sherwanna will help you with a plan! I also appreciated her accountability and checking back in!

LaDondra Wilson
Leadership & Professional Development Consultant 

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