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Do you already offer an amazing service with a great consumer base but you struggle to close 6-12 month retainer packages? You may think leveling up with corporate clients will be the "fix" you need since they have the capital to pay you. But the truth is, if you learn how to flip and pitch your current clients into bigger deals, you'll also be able to close corporate clients!

It's not about who you pitch, it's about how you pitch!


The She's a Big Deal VIP Day was designed to help you walk through the entire process so that you can successfully close your first contract.

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Just because your business is small, doesn't mean your clients have to be.

In fact, landing large corporate clients can give a huge boost to your small business’s revenue. Statistics show that small companies that were suppliers to large corporations reported an average revenue growth of 266.4% between one year before and two years after their first corporate contract, according to a survey by the Center for an Urban Future.

What this means for you is there are opportunities available to grow your business revenue that you have not yet tapped into!

So how do you secure those big corporate clients? And after you've closed the deal, how do you manage the business demands? 

That's exactly what you'll learn during your time working with me for your VIP Day Training.




Investment may vary based on travel request, done-for-you proposal writing, or add-on of certification registrations. 

  • Research & Proposal Writing

  • Winning Proposal Pitch Deck Template

  • Proven Email Pitch Template

  • 5-6 Figure Sales Strategy

  • 4.5 Hours of 1:1 Training

  • 20 Minute Break

  • Lifetime Access to Project Management Board with Task List and Pitching Timeline Breakdown

  • 30-Days of Exclusive Support via Voxer

  • 60-Minute Offboarding Strategy Call


I was able to land my first corporate contract on my very first pitch to a non-profit organization!

Before working with Sherwanna, I was struggling with always having to be present to deliver services for my 1:1 clients in order to meet my sales goals, which led to a lot of burnout. I was looking to expand my reach in order to reduce the stress of having to book 1:1 clients so that I could work less and earn more income.

Sherwanna explained her methodology to not only secure a corporate contract but position yourself as the expert and obvious choice. I also loved the increase in my self confidence after our session. Sherwanna’s process of learning how to secure corporate contracts was easy to understand and made me feel prepared. When I learned the flip & pitch method, it opened my eyes to a new way of earning larger contracts.

I would highly recommend Sherwanna’s services to anyone who is looking to ditch the overwhelm and increase their income by securing large corporate contracts. You’ll receive the training and resources you need to be successful with landing corporate contracts. From the preliminary research, how to put together a winning proposal and how to pitch & deliver the pitch successfully, this is a true game changer.

Stephanie Lawrence

Owner of Lawrence Financial Group



  • STEP 1: Apply and Book Your Spot
    Corporate contracting is heavily dependent on what phase of your business you are in. Submitting your application will help me determine if this VIP Day is right for you.
  • STEP 2: Profit Planning Call
    Once your application has been approved, we will have a profit planning session to determine what your income and business goals are. This call is designed to answer all of your questions about the training, investment, and coaching relationship.
  • STEP 3: Contract & Initial Payment
    Based on our call, a contract will be drafted and invoice sent for you to make your initial payment.
  • STEP 4: Meet Up For Your Corporate Contract VIP Day
    It's a VIP Day because you get me for the whole day! You have the option to meet with me in-person or to do the VIP Day virtually. This is a day of vision-casting, training, and open communication to prepare you to close your first big deal!
  • STEP 5 : Implement your VIP Day Task Board
    Don't feel pressured to remember everything all in one day. You'll get access to a project board inside of my project management system with tasks and deadlines to guide you with your corporate contract pitch process. You'll also have access to training replays, notes, and templates. During this process you'll have access to me for 30-days of instant coaching via Voxer.
  • STEP 6: Offboarding Zoom Call
    Final call to answer any final questions or to do presentation prep for any corporate deals you are working on closing!

Ready to Book Your VIP Day Experience?

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