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Go from Overlooked to Overbooked!


Welcome to Well Paid Pro: Go from freelancer to professional service-provider by securing corporate contracts and premium clients on retainer. 




As a woman, mother, and hard-working Visionary you deserve to make enough money to experience more freedom, stability, and purpose in your life. 


I’m here to help you use the skills you already possess to create more opportunity for yourself and your family. 

And no I’m not just talking about an underpaying client here and there. 


I’m talking about high paying corporate clients and clients on retainer.

No more demanding requests

No more penny pinching

No more overwhelm & burnout

No more doing all the work yourself (you’ll have enough money to hire - whoop whoop!)

No more working a job you hate (you’ll have enough money to quit your job too- YES SIS)

No more watching everyone take family vacations, but you

No more depriving yourself of self care


Not only that, but you’ll have the resources to fund your real dreams and invest in causes you care about!

Can You Imagine...


To help you create more opportunity in your life.


I used to be someone who would miss out on opportunities because I never put myself first. But once I changed, everything else changed.


It’s time to “choose you”. 




...a 6-Month high touch coaching program for coaches, service-providers, and experts who
want to secure corporate contracts and premium clients on retainer so they can do less and make more!


Other programs will teach you how to survive. Well Paid Pro will teach you how to RISE. 

If you follow the business building strategies most other gurus tell you to do, you’ll end up with a growth strategy solely based on social media. Not saying this is bad, but solely using this tactic could result in more harm than good in the long run. 

Remember the Instagram and Facebook outage? Statistics show that the average creator and small business owner lost up to $5000 in a day! Not only that many of them panicked because they didn’t have another way to contact their potential clients (followers) nor did they have another strategy to secure new business.

Statistically, building a business that will be sustainable requires that you have a prospecting and sales strategy that has longevity.

That is why I don’t teach you methods that will have you fighting for clients in a crowded online marketplace. My methods empower you to create a stable flow of income and a solid business foundation that will stand the test of time.

If you follow the Well Paid Pro framework, you’ll spend less time and energy trying to come up with new side hustles to make up for the lack of money, and more time using your current skillset to make the income you desire.


Join Well Paid Pro and secure your first 4-5 figure corporate contract or high end client on retainer.

This accelerator provides everything you need: Live Coaching. Education. Templates and Scripts. A place to cast your vision with a community of like-minded Visionaries who believe in you. Well Paid Pro is the missing piece you’ve been looking for to bring everything you've been working on together. 


Yes, you can be a Well Paid Pro, sis!

Maybe you think closing the big deals sounds amazing, but it’s not actually possible for you. That’s what I used to think! Before I was able to secure my first 5 figure annual contract I thought it was something only the “big wigs” could do. I had only been in business for 3 years and I thought my skills were kinda okay, but not good enough.


And while it’s true we live in a society that makes it look like all the winners are perfect in every way...


Here’s the bottom line. 

ANYONE can build a sustainable business that pays them just as much as their job would pay them for the same skillset.


Not only that, you can build your own legacy and take the cap off the amount of income you can make!

In Well Paid Pro, the sky is not the limit. YOU are your only limit.


That is why my goal is to help more people become better people. So they can believe unapologetically in themselves and create more opportunity in their lives.


I was able to land my first corporate contract on my very first pitch to a non-profit organization!

Before working with Sherwanna, I was struggling with always having to be present to deliver services for my 1:1 clients in order to meet my sales goals, which led to a lot of burnout. I was looking to expand my reach in order to reduce the stress of having to book 1:1 clients so that I could work less and earn more income.

Sherwanna explained her methodology to not only secure a corporate contract but position yourself as the expert and obvious choice. I also loved the increase in my self confidence after our session. Sherwanna’s process of learning how to secure corporate contracts was easy to understand and made me feel prepared. When I learned the flip & pitch method, it opened my eyes to a new way of earning larger contracts.

I would highly recommend Sherwanna’s services to anyone who is looking to ditch the overwhelm and increase their income by securing large corporate contracts. You’ll receive the training and resources you need to be successful with landing corporate contracts. From the preliminary research, how to put together a winning proposal and how to pitch & deliver the pitch successfully, this is a true game changer.



We live in a superficial world that makes it seem like in order to be successful you must have a large social media following with a flawless brand and a bunch of expensive material things. And although most people equate this to success, here’s what will happen if you believe this as a small business owner: 


  • You’ll try to build a business without a clear strategy to make consistent income. Over the last decade there has been over a 60% increase in women-owned business startups. Although this trend is good, only about 6% of women service-providers have reached an income of $250,000 or more. (

  • You’ll forget about real trends, like economics. 71% of small business owners have reported at least a 20% increase in expenses due to inflation, without an equal or more amount of increase in income. (

  • You’ll  become burnt out by trying to show up perfectly. Women entrepreneurs face more challenges than their male counterparts because they also have to hold space for the invisible and mental workload that comes with managing the logistics of the family, including doctors appointments, organizing schedules, planning meals, cleaning, childcare and much more.

This completely decreases your chances of building a legacy and making an impact. 

Well Paid Pro was designed to change all of this.


It’s time for more women and mothers to make more money. 


When more women make more money from opportunities they created themselves, they begin to feel a sense of self-empowerment that leads to more positive change in the world. 


And that’s not just an inspirational statement. It’s a FACT. According to Forbes, over 70% of women entrepreneurs said that self employment gives them more control over their career and finances and also makes them happier.


When women feel more empowered and have more money they can put their dreams first. 



Using your wealth to hire a nanny or babysitter for a night out


Invest in a private chef or meal prep service so you’re not always meal planning

Planning self-care vacations and family vacations within the same year without feeling like you'll go broke

Moving into a new place

Saving money to have more financial security for a rainy day

Start investing in stocks and real estate to build generation wealth

Hire a team who supports you so you can step into your CEO role




Why You Need the Well Paid Pro Community

It's safe to cast your vision here.


Building a business from scratch is hard enough. Building a business without support, like-minded conversations, and a successful network is even harder!


Data shows that building a business alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs results in more motivation, connections, and a shorter learning curve to reaching your goals. 


Well Paid Pro is an intimate community by design. This is a fempire being built from the heart out. Our goal is to teach you from a place of compassion, spiritual guidance, and transparency from our own experiences. 


We won’t tell you that you need a $500 photoshoot or 10,000 followers to be successful.

We’ll tell you that all you need is faith in yourself and the passion to ignite your fire from within.




Apply to join for a 6-month enrollment. The application process is to ensure that your business is the right fit for this opportunity. 


Follow the step-by-step Well Paid Pro Framework. The strategies in this accelerator are tried, true, tested and proven to get you results


Show up and become a Well Paid Pro. Utilize your resources, engage in the community, implement the systems, and attend the live strategy calls (replays available) to give you the boost you need to close your first deal. 


Our 3-Phase Framework was designed to meet you where you are at and take you to the next level of becoming a Well Paid Pro.


Freelancer making under $20K/year

Where You're Struggling:

You’ve gotten a few clients here and there, but you’re struggling with consistent income, constantly customizing  your services, and don’t have a clear plan to grow your business. 

The Well Paid Pro curriculum is all about helping you create stable, consistent, and profitable income.

The process will teach you how to lay the foundation for a sustainable service-based company with corporate principles and opportunity for long-term growth. 

You can look forward to accessing our templates, winning scripts, systems to grow your business, sales tactics, members only community, mindset development, branding tips, marketing strategies, business financial literacy, and general business acumen to succeed for years to come!




-You're an action-taker by nature and will happily implement a proven system to upgrade your life

-You're tired of giving all of your skills to a corporate job and you're ready to break free and build your own empire

-You've been considering launching a service-based business and have an idea of what you want to offer but so far you've only been watching others succeed from the sidelines

-You been successful providing services to solopreneurs but you're ready to step it up a notch and secure 6-12 month corporate contracts

-You desire to build generational wealth and provide an incredible life for your family that is full of opportunities you never had

-You are purpose-filled, loving, and ready to fully commit to financial and personal growth with a circle of like-minded leaders


-You let fear, doubt, and indecision rule your life

-You constantly start new courses, projects, and businesses but never finish them because you have a habit of making commitments to yourself that you never keep

-You're easily distracted by naysayers and give up on yourself based on what others think

-You're not open to new ideas or processes that will help you reach your next level of success

-You're afraid to step out of your comfort zone

-You have a lack mindset surrounding money and don't think there's enough money to go around for you to make thousands of dollars in one transaction

-You are not a visionary and only see things as they are but not as they could be

-You only want to make quick money, be an overnight success, and have a flashy instafamous brand that you can flaunt to your family, friends, and "haters"



About Your Coach:

After spending 10+ years in Corporate America in management and corporate training positions, Sherwanna Livingston turned her part-time personal development platform into a full-time branding and consulting business. 

Leveraging her education in Public Relations and her knowledge in business development, sales, and branding she designed online education platform that helps entrepreneurs establish a profitable and purposeful business. 

By connecting all the dots, participants learn how to go from passion project to full blown business implementation. Sherwanna offers transformative resources that inspire people to not only build their dream business doing something they love, but to leave a legacy behind that inspires many.

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